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January 8, 2020

2020 Wine Trends & Predictions

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

It’s 2020! Time for wine trends & predictions!

by SLL wine team.

Well, sorry to disappoint. We have no wine trends. We have hopes and aspirations for 2020 though.

Wine is a conversation. Because it should be. A wine at a wedding should be as thoughtful as a wine at a vertical dinner. The only difference is the thought behind the choice might be different. Both should bring joy or education or both.

Most years see Master Sommeliers and wine professionals wave flags for grapes like Riesling or Fiano or places like Alsace, Georgia, Jura and Tasmania. To keep things fresh, writers seek out what seems fresh. Generally speaking the things written are for personal reasons.  And all of these “predictions” will only predict one thing; for a year, that thing, to those followers will be popular.

Unless it’s Riesling. Riesling seems to be doomed into confusion. But Riesling is so versatile and can be the driest thing on the planet!

Daniel - Same Hope Every Year!

In my time buying wine I’ve only ever considered wine trends and predictions to be reflections of what I like or what I’d like to see more interest in. That’s a very risky job.  We live in a culture of flavor and with a palate that is ever changing. Literally, as we grow older our palate changes.

What we want to do at South Lyndale Liquors is offer the best of whatever anyone might be looking for.  To that degree, you may not like the wine. If that’s the case, please communicate that. Wine is a conversation. Because it should be. A wine at a wedding should be as thoughtful as a wine at a vertical dinner. The only difference is the thought behind the choice might be different. Both should bring joy or education or both.

My only hope for any new year of wine is that more questions are asked. We love to talk wine! Wine can’t be mastered. It is ever changing. Challenge us!

Below are some white wines to try in 2020.

Wine Trends in 2020

Trends will alwasy happen...

Trends will always happen and the "happen" is symbiotic. If we tend to drier wines or wines with more acidity or those with more fruit or sweetness, then those wines will be sought out and certain producers will follow suit and thus the market will follow. It will be cyclical for a ime and then suddenly divert.

“The terror of balance is the balance of terror,”-  Jean Baudrillard wrote.

Rather, the balance of terroir is the terroir of balance... Year in and out our search is dictated by balance, not flavor, but balance. Wine is a world of subjectivity and taste.  Our goal is to collect those things that fit within balance and apply them to category and exceed the expectation of our customers.

One can’t put wine in a box. Wait a sec! Behind cans, wine in a box is trending significantly. As it should. Stigma was the only thing holding boxed wine back. We can’t confine wine. A chardonnay too cold may taste like nothing, too warm might taste broken, with no food might be pleasant, but with the right food it might transcend! Wine is experimentation.

Below are some unique red wines to try in 2020.

Wine Trends in 2020

As stigmas melt away interest grows and that is exciting! Excitement is our goal. There is a lot of wine out there. A lot of grapes. Good or bad its our job to tell the story. Our hope in 2020 is that we get to tell more stories and that more people are interested in hearing those stories. THESE are our wine trends.

Randy Has a Hope!

One of the most widely misunderstood grape variety and regions in the wine world, especially in the U.S., is the Gamay grape of Beaujolais.  That being said, I’ve seen mounting interest, customers open to exploring this fascinating appellation of southernmost Burgundy. With a wide variety of stylings, classification and price points, Beaujolais will meet many challenges to food pairings.  Wine enthusiasts would truly be well served to check out the quality to value of our offerings.

Everything from Beaujolais Superiore and Beaujolais Villages to the Cru Beaujolais classification of nine distinct villages within this popular and beloved regions in and of France.

Below are some great Gamay selections to try in 2020.

Wine Trends in 2020Wine Trends in 2020Wine Trends in 2020

Donn Wants To Tear Down The Walls!

Don't put your wines in a box. They are not just for special occasions. Rather, a special wine makes any occassion special. To quote Maya, from the movie Sideways "To open a bottle of 61 cheval blanc is enough reason to open a bottle of 61 cheval blanc". Touché.

White & rose wines are for summer and red wines are for winter.

If this is the case then logic says a person would not drink any cold, chilled or iced beverages in winter and they woudl also not drink hot, heated or warm beverages in the summer.  Well, people still drink hot coffee in the summer and cold soda’s, beer and water in the winter.

At South Lyndale Liquors, the amount of white wines we sell in the winter is surprisingly high when compared to the summer, and the same is true with red wines sold in the summer compared to the winter.  A big full-bodied red can still be enjoyed with a grilled steak in the summer, and a lighter red such as a Beaujolais, Frappato from Sicily or Merlot from Washington State  can be  enjoyed with other lighter summer foods.  As for winter whites some fuller wines such as a Viognier or Rhône white, an Albariño from Spain or a hearty domestic white blend.

And then rosés - wines that are good all year round and complement most any menus, especially during the holidays.  The key to whites and roses is to chill them lightly, not “beer cold”, the colder they are the less flavor they have.

Champagne and sparkling wines are for New Year’s Eve and special occasions.

Falacy. Bubbles are good all year round and make great pairings with food.  The bubbles actually open up the taste buds on the tip of your tongue so you can taste all the rich, full flavors that enter your palate.  Prosecco’s are a lightly sparkling wine from Italy that has tiny pinpoint bubbles and soft stone-fruit flavors that is more delicate in nature.

Below are some bubbles for all the time!

Wine Trends in 2020Wine Trends in 2020

Bubbly wines will make you "goofy" or drunk quicker

This is actually true and not a myth.  The carbonation acts as a high speed train in transporting the alcohol into your system quicker.  Beware and mind your bubbles!

White wines with fish and poultry. Red wines with red meat.

We've all heard this one. This has been a long-standing safe way to pair a wine with food yet it can be limiting when looking at the whole picture, or in this case, the whole plate.

For example, think of fried chicken prepared ‘Tennessee Hot’ with mustard greens, baked Mac & 4 cheeses, tangy apple cider cole slaw and Hush Puppies.  Instead of an unoaked Chardonnay or lean Sauvignon Blanc that would be overwhelmed by the rich, complex, spicy, tangy and earthy flavors, a true, well-made Zinfandel or Zinfandel blend (not the big overpowering  fruit-bomb style with too much alcohol) would be a wonderful compliment to this meal.

Another classic example is Coq au Vin (rooster, or chicken, in wine).  This historic old French recipe basically calls for the whole chicken to be braised or roasted in red wine.  The end result is amazingly beautiful flavors of the red wine captured in the meat of the chicken.  Or a leg of lamb roasted on a rack in a roasting pan partially filled with a full-bodied white wine then served with a nice dry German Riesling, Gruner Veltliner, or Muller Thurgau.

Below are some Rieslings & Gruners to try in 2020. We hope you enjoy OUR wine trends!

Wine Trends in 2020
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