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December 29, 2018

Curiosity Meets Heritage: The Heirloom Brand Story

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

Heirloom Liqueurs Minneapolis

In 2016, Heirloom Brand sprang forth from the seeds of Bittercube, with one goal in mind, to produce vibrant liqueurs with whole botanicals. This was a natural progression for a company focused on producing bitters of unmatched quality with real botanicals. In fact, the foundation had unknowingly been planted many years prior, with the very first batches of Creme de Flora resting alongside experimental batches of bitters in 2009. The founders of Bittercube, the nationally recognized line of slow-crafted bitters, along with Heirloom co-founder and longtime Bittercube employee, Brandon Reyes, have thoughtfully developed a line of liqueurs, which expertly blends curiosity and heritage by offering innovative and exciting flavor profiles on centuries-old liqueur recipes.

Heirloom Brand Collection

Pineapple Amaro

Amaro translates to bitter in Italian and is a category of liqueurs known for bitterness. There are hundreds of Amari on the market. Originally enjoyed as a post-dinner digestivo, amari have been used as ingredients in cocktails for more than 100 years. The styles vary widely. Some are expressions of their terroir and others are pure explorations in flavor, using ingredients sourced from around the world.

Heirloom Pineapple Amaro is a full-bodied digestivo composed with tropical ingredients like Queen Victoria pineapple, native to the Caribbean and Jamaican quassia bark. Warm notes of cinnamon, caramel and, vanilla with hints of cherry cola fill the nose. Succulent tropical fruit and baked goods introduce the palette to a woodsy and earthy finish of bitter delight. Pineapple Amaro is an ideal ingredient for rum and gin cocktails as well as neat pour digestivo.

Recipe: AKA Hawaiian Pizza

Curiosity Meets Heritage: The Heirloom Brand Story



A classic alpine liqueur composed of mountain herbs and flowers, Genepy has origins in Switzerland, Italy and, France being made by monks, farmers and, explorers with each one varying in style region to region. They share a common thread of verdant, springtime aromatics. Some styles veer deep into larger, robust flavors, while others maintain a delicate, sweet profile.

Heirloom Genepy is composed of 28 barks, flowers, roots, seeds, leaves and, herbs — each one like a stroke of color in a liquid landscape. Inspired by alpine foragers and liquorists. It is all at once sharp yet cool, savory yet spicy, icy yet mellow and at its core, intensely herbal. Genepy can be served chilled to enhance its frosty essence.

Recipe: Stinger

Curiosity Meets Heritage: The Heirloom Brand Story
RECIPE: STINGER. Click the image.

Creme de Flora

Heirloom Creme de Flora was originally known as House Creme de Flora because we produced versions of it for restaurants and bars around the USA starting back in 2009. Heirloom Creme de Flora was created with a bouquet of vibrant flowers native to five continents including marigold and chamomile, resulting in a versatile liqueur that can serve as an aperitif or to provide nuance to a cocktail. Try it in an Aviation, Champagne Cocktail, or as a replacement for orange liqueur in a Sidecar.

In Italy, this style of liqueur is known as Millefiori, which translates to a thousand flowers. Millefiori is made from seasonal blooms and recipes vary drastically from region to region. Being one of the most pervasive Italian liqueurs, there have been a very large number of variations throughout history.

Recipe: Smoky LaFlare

Curiosity Meets Heritage: The Heirloom Brand Story
RECIPE: SMOKY LAFLARE. Click the image.


A fabled potion that dates to the 8th century, Alchermes is known for its healing properties. The potion traveled from the middle east to Europe, where it became a highly prized beverage. Alchermes is colored with a small insect, Cochineal and is scarlet in color. It has been used not only as an enjoyable drink but as a confectionery ingredient as well. Historic varieties were made with crushed pearls, silk and gold flakes.

Heirloom Alchermes uses warm botanicals like cinnamon and clove that are softened with rose water and vanilla. This ancient, warm, dusty liqueur is truly mysterious and to our knowledge, Heirloom Alchermes Liqueur is the only alchermes produced in America. Delicious in a Negroni, an Alchermes Spritz or as a modifier in a sour or fizz.

Recipe: Alchermes Sour

Curiosity Meets Heritage: The Heirloom Brand Story
RECIPE: ALCHERMES SOUR. Click the image.

Meet the Heirloom Liqueur Family.

Heirloom Brand was started with one goal in mind: to create vibrant liqueurs with whole botanicals.

All Heirloom Liqueurs begin with maceration of whole botanicals in highproof distillate. The botanicals come from all parts of the world and absolutely no extracts or artificial flavorings are used.

Once the intensity of flavor has reached its peak, the solid matter is strained and each maceration is finished with some combination of sugar, water and/or juice. They are then rested until all the flavors have married, creating a harmonious liquid, an Heirloom Liqueur.

Curiosity Meets Heritage: The Heirloom Brand Story
Heirloom Liqueurs – a Bittercube Company.
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