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July 4, 2019

Exposing Misconceptions About When To Drink Certain Wines

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

Exposing misconceptions about what times of the year to drink certain types of wines.

You’ve all heard it, read it, or been told, “drink whites and roses in the spring and summer, and drink reds in the fall and winter.  I’m here to tell you, “Don’t let the calendar dictate what to drink when!”

Take some notes from SLL's Donn, a "wine specialist" in the business from all angles for over 30 years. Enjoy these recommendations for 4th of July, summer barbecues and picnics!

Sure, whites and rosé's might taste more refreshing when warmer weather arrives after a long, cold winter, but didn’t you also drink cold beverages (water, soda, sparkling water and the like) during the winter?  And during the summer don’t you also drink warm beverages such as coffee, tea, and others?  Because what’s better than enjoying a nice full-bodied red (Cab, Syrah, Petite Sirah, etc) with grilled meats, burgers and the like.  NOTHING.

Here is Randy's pick for some light summer reds.

  1. La Grume Beaujolais. Simple and delicious, serve with a slight chill.
  2. Deliquente Riverland Montepulciano. Chillable red from Australia. Fresh and juicy, no oak!


Exposing Misconceptions About When To Drink Certain Wines

White Wines - Italy, France, America & More!

Or you could enjoy a lighter red such as Grignolino or Frappato from Italy, Beaujolais from France, Carmenere from Chile, a nice Pinot Noir from Burgundy or Oregon.

In the winter some nice fuller-flavored & fuller-bodied whites are good to have with food such as a nice Muscadet with shellfish, Viognier with poultry or cassoulet, Chenin Blanc or a white from the  Savoie with a chicken stew, and a German Riesling with turkey for some ideas.

Here are some textural whites that benefit from coming up to temperature. Also, they work well with lots of different foods. Yum!

  1. Villemade Cheverny. 100% crunchy delicious Chenin Blanc.
  2. Giovanna Madonia skin contact Albana. Big and tropical with a tannic grip.
  3. Trignon Cotes du Rhône Blanc. 100% Roussanne. Pure, clean and balanced.
Exposing Misconceptions About When To Drink Certain Wines

And then there are the Rosés

We at SLL, are huge fans of rosés and not just in the summer but all year round.  We have one of the largest selections in the Twin Cities, especially during the winter.

Versatility in wine

Rosés are one of the most versatile types of wine to enjoy with food, especially at the Holidays because a good rosé will pair nicely with all of the different kinds of foods served for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners.

It can’t go without saying to think about temperature. Most whites and rosés are consumed too cold and most reds too warm.  So think outside the box and enjoy all of your favorite wines at any time of the year!!

Here are three picks that may get you excited!

  1. L’Agnostique - fresh, easy Glou-Glou.
  2. Jean-Paul Brun- one of the Beaujolais masters showing a deft hand behind Gamay Rose
  3. Pradeaux Bandol rose-hearty Mourvèdre rose. Stands up to red meat and time.

    ***Also, check out the 2017s! A year in bottle has given them lovely integration.

Exposing Misconceptions About When To Drink Certain Wines

We're open until 5pm!

We're open until 5pm on the 4th of July! Come try these great recommendations for your holiday weekend or summer parties. If you need help or are looking for something more, don't hesitate to ask. We love talking wine!

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