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March 1, 2017

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

OH MY GOODNESS. Dan Campo knocked it out of the park this time with his fusion, chicken stir fry.

Fusion cooking

Experimentation is always fun.. especially in your culinary adventures. Exploring the world of fusion cooking provides an outlet to deviate completely from the exact science of recipes and measurements, to the personalized, intimate world of artistic expression.

Here we go…


  • 1 Cup Hoisin Sauce
  • 2/3 Cup Dijon Mustard
  • ½ Cup Red Wine
  • 1/8 Cup Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tbs Kikoman Soy Sauce


  • Jasmine Rice
  • Bok Choy (one stalk)
  • 2 Cans mini-corns
  • Button Mushrooms
  • Fresh Asparagus
  • Snow Peas


Arrange your products in your work space. It’s an interesting combo to perform this fusion maneuver, but try this… you’ll love it. In this scenario, we have children and coloring crayons to 🙂

Flirting with Fusion Cooking


The Sauce – Mix all of the ingredients in the “The Goodness” above into a mixing bowl. You can simply mix this by hand with a fork or wisk. Let it stand in the fridge to marry together.

Believe it not.. your key ingredient in this recipe is Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard. When Dan told me he was doing this, I told him he was crazy. I just couldn’t envision the end palette. Trust me – you will NOT be disappointed in “The Goodness”

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

Flirting with Fusion Cooking


Prepare your vegetables. Chop up the Bok Choy, slice the mushrooms in half, drain your corn and wash the Asparagus.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

*** Side note. At this point you should be cooking your rice. We use a rice cooker. It’s measured, timed and flawless every time, but if you’d rather seer your Jasmine in coconut oil, then boil it to perfection, that’s just another nice flavor profile to add to this dish.


Season your breasts.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

Then Grille them, slice them, and cube them.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking


Break the Asparagus where it wants you to and reserve the tips. The rest can be discarded. Organize them on a pan and drizzle olive oil over them and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

You really need to just watch them and pull them out of the oven when they’ve softened just enough and have a roasted glaze about them. Then set aside in a dish so they don’t continue to cook on the pan.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking


Grab your largest deep skillet and heat sesame oil to a medium high heat. Add your grilled, cut chicken chunks and get your sizzle on. Next, pour in a fourth of “The Goodness” that you mixed together in the very beginning. Toss the chicken to coat it, then set aside and reserve in a large rectangular pan. This whole process should take you 60-90 seconds. It’s a “flash in the pan” – remember your chicken was already cooked; we want to keep its juicy tenderness.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking


Same Pan – add more sesame oil and bring to a medium high heat. Add in your smattering of veggies and pour more of “The Goodness” into it.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

Stir and mix until your veggies are cooked, yet crisp.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking


Marry your veggies into the large pan with the chicken and mix thoroughly. Add a nice scoop of this Dijon Fusion Art project over the top of a spoonful of Jasmine rice.

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

Lastly, drizzle “The Goodness” to your liking. We like a lot…


How do you pair this tangy, zesty, yet subdued delight?  Wine, of course. And here’s what Dan recommends.

1. Palm Bay International’s Trimbach Riesling.

This french varietal is harvested late in October and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel and concrete vats. The Trimbachs have a purist vision. Across 12 generations, the family has always produced wines that are structured, long-lived, fruity, elegant and balanced: the celebrated Trimbach style. Bottles remain in the cellar for several years before reaching the marketplace, ensuring the wines are both ready to drink upon release but also hold great aging potential.

Tasting Notes

A beautiful straw color with green edges. The bouquet is a fine mineral fragrance with ginger, caraway seed, underripe pineapple and flowers. The Taste… OMG. Flavors of white peach, quince and lemon on the palate with a lingering, clean and dry sensation. At $24.99, its complex, and appreciated slowly. Paired with a fusion dish such as this, we assume you’ll be deeply in love. Buy it at South Lyndale Liquors

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

2. Casa Silva’s Carmenere Cuvee Colchagua 2012

The Silva family has its origins in the Colchagua Valley, and from there, projecting their work to the world daily. Their wines reflect the commitment and passion that has each of its members for the land. Viña Casa Silva is a 100% family, which seeks to transfer the world and its future generations proud of their roots and respect for nature. We like passionate wine families…

Tasting Notes

Bright and intense ruby ​​red. On the nose, there are aromas of black cherries and plums, with hints of spices. On the palate, tasty: Redondo, powerful, soft and sweet tannins and balanced acidity.

A Looooong finish. Buy it at South Lyndale Liquors

Flirting with Fusion Cooking

Start your meal with the Trimbach Riesling. Take a nose of it right after your first fusion bites..then follow. Near the end of your meal, switch gears and invoke the Carmenere. You won’t be disappointed.

To food. To libation. To family. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

Chef’s SammyJ and Dan Campo.

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