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Cantina Kaltern Italian Wine Tasting with SLL

Oct 29 - 29

Cantina Kaltern Italian Wine Tasting with SLL

Wine Tasting & Seminar

Join us Monday, October 29, 6:30pm when Judith Unterholzner from the winery is here and pouring seven terrific selections.

• Caldero 2016 Pinot Bianco
• Caldero 2016 Alto Adige Pinot Grigio
• Caldero 2017 Pinot Grigio
• Kaltern 2016 Schiava Classico

Cantina (Kellerei) Kaltern has a long history. It took more than a century for our winery to become what it is and what it stands for today: professionalism, passion, a shared community, experience, and the highest quality standards.

Cantina Kaltern is one of the principal wineries of Alto Adige, and Kaltern itself is proud of its reputation as the most popular and best-known wine village in the region. But Kaltern is not only a special corner of the world for wine lovers and connoisseurs from near and far; village life revolves around wine. Wine sets the stage here; it is a source of employment and also of pride for the villagers and wine growers

Today, about 440 growers jointly own and supply grapes to Kellerei Kaltern, with the winery providing both vineyard management advice and winemaking and marketing for the group. Usually, when we think of co-op wine, we think of inexpensive jug wine where the focus is more on quantity than quality. But, because so many of the small growers that sell to this bright, modern cooperative winery grow grapes as a second source of income, it’s a source of pride more than anything for them to sell fruit that will make the best possible wine. More importantly, they are paid on a profit-sharing basis rather than by the ton, a key difference between this co-op and more traditional ones that keep the quality shockingly high considering the wines’ reasonable price.



Oct 29, 2018


Oct 29, 2018

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