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May 9, 2018

How The Dampfwerk Distillery Came To Be

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

Get to know The Dampfwerk Distillery

The Dampfwerk Distillery – it all started with passion and family. The Dampfwerk Distillery offers a wide assortment of fine German distilled spirits and liqueurs with an unexpected American twist. The Loeffelholz family, German in origin and nationality, is stepping into the distilling game with a unique story and niche approach that has been untapped until now.

Herbal liqueur, what’s that?

Digestives and liqueurs are based on herbal remedies from monks, who were able to consistently grow herb gardens. After realizing that herbs offer a medicinal benefit, monks started to add alcohol to combine it into a perfect reason to treat yourself.  The Dampfwerk offers fine spirits that can be enjoyed on their own, or in a simple cocktail (brownie points to all people that can make a damn good intricate cocktail).

At the distillery we believe that it all boils down to inspiration and innovation. The Helgolander, a German-style herbal bitter inspired by a vintage German Rezeptbücher (recipe book) dating back more than 200 years, is the epitome of what we try to strive for in our little niche.

The Dampfwerk Distillery

Brandy might be the next big “thing”

The drinking culture is going back to the basics. The reemergence of cocktails such as a Sazerac, Old Fashioned, and Mint Julep are all brandy based original cocktails – crazy huh? As people enjoy more and more ways to enjoy classic cocktails with modern twists, it is no shock that the resurgence of the original base is coming back into popularity. But many people are hesitant to try brandy on its own.

Envision this: it’s 1994 and you are in your puffer onesie skiing down the Austrian Alps and you decide to warm up with a brandy.  Perfect timing, right? Well it isn’t 1994 and hopefully you have retired that snowsuit, but there are many ways that mixologists and distilleries, like us, are pushing back.  Trust local mixologists, take the leap of faith and try something new, or sit back, sip, and enjoy an old classic.

The Dampfwerk Distlllery

Bar cart inspiration

At the Dampfwerk Distillery, we spent a lot of time imagining how our packaging would sit on your bar cart such that you can be proud to showcase it to your friends at your next get-together. Many of our spirits can uniquely fit into classic cocktails at home or sit beautifully on a bar cart. We try to create cocktail recipes that are 3 to 4 ingredients or less, but hey we are guilty of throwing some cool cocktails out there for the ‘gram (Instagram- @dampfwerkdistillery please ignore shameful plug).

Simple, elegant, and powerful flavors, that is what we accomplish at the Dampfwerk Distillery. Prost!


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