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October 23, 2016

Meet Dan Campo

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

Dan Campo on PPL of MPLS

Dan Campo.

Dan Campo is a wine guy… in fact, he has more wine than any person in Minneapolis. As owner of South Lyndale Liquors, Dan Campo is a corner stone to the neighborhoods in SW Minneapolis. You can’t miss South Lyndale Liquors – the prohibition themed, local-artist painted, Minneapolis business is home to the largest wine, whiskey and craft beer selection in the state.

Dan Campo took over South Lyndale liquors in 2007. In only three years he transformed a run down south Minneapolis liquor store into the premier destination with accolades like winning City Pages Best Of Liquor Store.

Dan has spent his adult life channeling his love for the art of discovery. Dan’s recent trips include: 15 days motorcycling with his wife through Tuscany, Piedmont, Switzerland, and Slovenia, searching for wines no one else caries in Minnesota. A ski mountaineering trip to the highest mountains in North America (and drinking a lot of fantastic pints of beer from small mountain towns). To wandering across the Utah desert for a few weeks dreaming up the perfect tequila cocktail . If Dan’s not at the store he’s probably out riding his adventure motorcycle with his St. Bernard in the sidecar.

Original Article on PPL of MPLS by Chris McDuffie Photography

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