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July 3, 2017

Prohibition Ends as Sunday Liquor Sales Are Underway in Minnesota

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Sunday liquor sales for the first time in 150 years in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A longstanding “blue law” will officially come to an end this weekend as Minnesotans will be able to buy alcohol on a Sunday.

After years of failed attempts, lawmakers voted to change the law prohibiting Sunday liquor sales this past session.

On Sunday morning, stores like South Lyndale Liquors in Minneapolis were offering discounts and tastings to mark the change in the law.

“Our thought was if we do specials, if we embrace it with certain products and fun tastings and that we would actually be able to encourage people,” Campo said.

However, owner Dan Campo says the change comes with mixed emotions. He worries whether he’ll actually see the benefit of staying open the extra day.

A long argument of those opposed to Sunday liquor was the sales would just spread out while taking on the cost of added staffing. But now that the law is in effect, Campo wants to do whatever he can to make sure his business attracts customers.

Despite the change in law, there are a handful of stores around the metro that will stay closed Sunday by choice. Also, some Northern Minnesota towns, like Ely, still prohibit Sunday liquor sales. The law was written to allow municipalities to opt out if they so choose.

Rachel Slavik says that for liquor store owners Sunday sales comes with mixed emotions (1:54). WCCO Sunday Morning – July 2, 2017

Original Article by WCCO 4 | CBS Local

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