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March 20, 2019

South Lyndale Liquors Spring Sale

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

The Spring Sale March 20th – April 6th

Taking it outside

There is something about a Minnesota winter that can take something out of you (Okay, so maybe a lot of “somethings”). As we break free of old man winter’s grip, as the first 40-degree days of spring transition into the dog days of summer, we are reminded of what keeps Minnesotans true to their outdoor roots. Whether you are passionate about camping, boating or backyard barbequing, South Lyndale Liquors is your one-stop shop for the light and refreshing libations suitable for all of your outdoor occasions.

So shake off that cabin fever and trek to South Lyndale Liquor’s annual Spring Wine Sale. We will help you chart the perfect course for your summer sippin’ excursions. Cheers!

~ Dan Campo. Proprietor.

South Lyndale Liquors Spring Sale


South Lyndale Liquors Spring Sale

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