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March 7, 2018

What You Should Drink While You’re Snowed in

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

When weather hits in Minnesota, there’s usually two types of mindsets that us midwesterners tend to have. Either your ramped up on energy drinks ready to blaze the freshly fallen snow with Fat Tire Bikes, ATV’s and commando gear, OR you’re focused more on your looming dipsomania (your winter depression and craving for booze).

If you follow our blog, we can bet where your interests are. You can’t really “drink” wrong when you’re snowed in, but there are some ways you can drink proper. Check it out.

Hot Toddies

Its not a forgotten drink for fancy-pants. The hot toddy is actually a wonderful aid for the common cold and also for your soul. There are so many recipes out there for crafting your hot toddy. It doesn’t have to be difficult thought. Follow this recipe guide to achieve warm, blissful headspace. We think you’ll find your own sweet spot with amounts of each:

  • Hot water
  • A dark liquor of your choice. Might we recommend Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac.
  • A teaspoon of your favorite local honey.
  • Fresh squeezed lemon.
  • A few winter spices (clove, cinnamon, allspice).

What You Should Drink While You're Snowed in

Imperial Stouts and Barleywines

We get it; you love beer. Who doesn’t? And downing a shelf of your craft beer collection while watching the white stuff fly is always a great idea. But when you’re snowed in, cold frothy pilsners are not what you need to make it to the end of day. You need a warming beer, one that tastes great at room temperature. The ~10 percent ABV beers have strong toffee- and liqueur-like notes, which makes Imperial stouts a good, rich option. BUT, barley wines are even better

What You Should Drink While You're Snowed in


You might think “this is great!”. Snow days are bliss for some because they do the grind; point A to point B, etc. A celebration is surely in order. You may have a vintage Dom Perignon that’s been stored for such an occasion. Then again, a snow day may not be your life’s best occasion. Perhaps a couple bottles of Mumm Napa Brut Prestige will do?

What You Should Drink While You're Snowed in

Bourbon, neat

Want to avoid shoveling the sidewalk? Store your favorite bottle of bourbon on your very nicest rocks glass on the coffee table directly in front of your television or entertainment viewing area (whatever that may be…). Pour, sip, pour, sip, and pour until it’s evident you need to replace your bourbon stock.

By the time you wake up the snow will ready be gone.

What You Should Drink While You're Snowed in


Lastly, it’s possible you just don’t drink alcohol or this time of tragedy doesn’t call for libation in your life. You can’t go wrong with coffee. Brew it. Sip it.

However, we tend to spice it up just a bit… You can add whiskey to make an Irish Coffee. You can add tequila and make a Mexican Coffee. You can add cream and whatever to make it bad ass coffee. Or you can really make terrible coffee and pour gin into it. It’s up to you.

What You Should Drink While You're Snowed in

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