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April 16, 2018

Why the Famiglia in Famiglia Meschini Wines?

Post by South Lyndale Liqours

Famiglia Meschini is really, really great wine that South Lyndale Liquors carries and sells a quite a bit of. They Meschini’s are an Argentinian family that has taken roots in Minneapolis. They own and operate their vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina however.  We thought you may enjoy a little bit about their family and their wonderful wine.

You can also enjoy a Famiglia Meschini recipe right here on the blog. See Argentine Empanada.

Read on…

Why the Famiglia in Famiglia Meschini

One of the questions Eugenio and I get asked the most is why we chose to call our winery Famiglia Meschini. Having both grown up in families centered around family-run businesses, it seemed only natural for us to conduct our business with our family of four kids, along with Eugenio’s brothers, Primo and Giovanni, in Mendoza, Argentina. Running a family business (no matter the type) definitely has its challenges; however, working with loved ones greatly outweighs the negative. The family tie even shows in our namesake: “Famiglia” is Italian as a tribute to Eugenio’s Italian grandfather, Primo Meschini.

Why the Famiglia in Famiglia Meschini

Each Family Member Has A Role

Bella, our oldest daughter, shares our stories and current happenings via Instagram and Facebook. Mia honors our favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings with the Chardonnay label design. Laura and Primo come up with fun wine descriptions for our labels (check it out at our website Eugenio and his brother Primo work side-by-side with our winemaker consultant Cristian Garcia, who might as well be family, while brother Giovanni consults as an agronomist. We have found great joy in working together. It is about putting family first, about working with family in Mendoza and now sharing the wine with our family here in Minnesota.

Perks of running a family winery:

  • All four children were quite adept with a corkscrew at a young age and were often solicited by neighbors to help remove stubborn corks
  • Receiving constant unsolicited advice regarding our website, label design and wine from family members near and far.
  • Winning over Aunt Pat from cheap boxed wine to our Gran Reserva Malbec.
  • Sending wine as teachers’ gifts during the week of report card grading.
  • The visiting niece comes just in time to help sort 56 cases of wine and prepare them for distribution.
  • Many business meetings taking place with kids on laps, using the dining room table as a boardroom and the kitchen table as a desk.
  • The dog, Luigi, already a best best friend, becomes a favorite co-worker.

Why the Famiglia in Famiglia Meschini Wines?

Why Cellar Wines When They Can Be Enjoyed Now?

Sadly, Eugenio’s father, Pacifico, passed away suddenly at the age of 48, teaching us that life is to be lived and enjoyed fully each day. Though there are wines out there made to be cellared away for many years (and our Gran Reserva wines in particular could be put away for ten or more years), we always encourage people to enjoy our wines today. We use specific winemaking methods that allow for consumption on our wines upon release. Fittingly, our Pacifico Gran Reserva is lovingly named for Eugenio’s father. It is a beautiful and complex wine, comprised of Malbec and Petit Verdot. The 2016 Gran Reserva received 92 points by wine critic James Suckling, and though we are honored by this achievement, most importantly we think Pacifico would be proud.

Along with Malbec, Torrontés is a varietal that is cherished by our family and practically all of Argentina. The Famiglia Meschini Torrontés is a versatile wine that presents itself as both a fun bubbly to enjoy for happy hour and a beautiful pairing to curry, with its sweet undertones offering a perfect balance to spicy foods. We are equally excited by our fruit-driven, supply-textured, uplifting and balanced Chardonnay Reserva. The label, clad in purple and gold, is the tribute to the Minnesota Vikings that Mia convinced us to do: As she claimed, “this is the year we are going to the Super Bowl” (who from Minnesota hasn’t heard that before?)

Why the Famiglia in Famiglia Meschini Wines?

Selfishly, being in a family business also affords us excuses to be together which is the best reason for involving everyone. Board meetings are family dinners and frequent trips to Argentina offer valuable family time with Eugenio’s brothers, Primo and Giovanni and our many nieces and nephews while business planning. Eugenio and I couldn’t be luckier—what more do we want as parents than to be with our kids? Producing wine we can enjoy with them as they get older is icing on the cake. For more information on our family and wines or more information on our family and our wines, please visit our website From our family to yours—cheers!

Why the Famiglia in Famiglia Meschini Wines?

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